Client Advocacy Board

KCCDD's Client Advocacy Board (CAB) is a group of self-advocates whose mission is "to educate and showcase abilities and skills we can bring to our community, while moving beyond past barriers that came with being labeled as having an intellectual or developmental disability."


CAB strives to create relationships with new people, seek opportunities for personal growth, educate their community about their abilities, and continue to build volunteer opportunities. If you have a volunteer opportunity, please e-mail CAB.

CAB is also proud to be a member of The Alliance, a statewide team of self-advocacy groups in Illinois. 

Read "Ride with CAB," the official newsletter of KCCDD's Client Advocacy Board. 

Volume  5  |  Fall 2021

Volume 4   |  Summer 2021

Volume 3  |  Fall 2020

Volume 2  |  Fall 2019

Volume 1  |  Summer 2019

CAB Members: 

  • Shelley McMillian, President

  • Michael Hanlon, Vice President

  • Robbie Hiett, Secretary

  • Glenee Brooks, Treasurer

  • Alda Allegri, Member

  • Gordon Bibee, Member

  • Gaby Carroll, Member

  • Tiffany Greene, Member

  • Brittany Kane, Member

  • Tasha Norris, Member

  • Hector Renta, Member

  • Sally Fischell, KCCDD Staff Advisor

  • Linda Gaard, KCCDD Staff Advisor

  • Deanna Trout, KCCDD Staff Advisor

Contact us!  

​We would love to hear from you! Please e-mail us anytime. 


"I feel more confident [being a part of CAB]. I wasn't very confident when I first started."

- Shelley, CAB President